Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jr Jazz Stuff

Wednesday December 3, 2008

Today was the first day of Jr. Jazz! :) It was so fun. I have five little kids on my team. They are so cute and so diligent. I love how persistent they are. Little ones are always such a testimony builder to me. Even in this situation that has nothing to do with the gospel (they are playing basketball) I can still relate it. They work so hard, so persistent and diligent until they reach their goal (lets say dribbling the ball), and when they reach that, they don't even blink, they don't wait for a big who-ha and celebration, they just move onto the next goal (passing the ball). And so it continues. They don't complain (very much) and they make lots of mistakes, but they try hard to make up for it and become better for it. How much different is that from our daily lives. We should be so much like the little child. So quick to learn and the desire to learn and always trying to stay on the path that will lead back to eternal salvation.
Anyways, back to Jr. Jazz...They all did so great. They are learning how to do the basics, dribble, pass and shoot. That is mostly all we will work on. They are too small to worry about plays and other things. The first game should be interesting. LOL. That's next Thursday (the 11). I can't wait.


Mrs.Smith said...

So how is it possible that *this* is your most recent post???? loL!

cseright said... am trying to play catch up.... :):)