Sunday, August 31, 2008


I have had the most wonderful weekend or well week too...
It started with Wednesday we left to go to my sisters in Orangeville. We had so much fun. While we were there we also got to help my niece, who was running for vice prez of the 7th grade, make a short 50 second video that she showed in place of her "why you should vote for me" speech. It was so good. We have a great time making the movie. AND SHE WON!!! :) Yeah.
We had to leave on Friday morning at the crack of dawn to head on over to Manti where Clints little sis was going through the Temple for the first time. It was so neat.
Clints parents, Us, and FOUR of his siblings and their spouses or fiances were with us. Only two of his siblings weren't there (they were babysitting :) because they are only 16 & 14 years old. But what a blessing it is to be able to have all of your family there. The spirit was so wonderful in the Temple. It has been a long time since we have been able to go and it was so nice. We need to really make an effort to go once a month.
Anyways, after going through the Temple in Manti, we got everyone together and headed to a small town and had a picnic in the way to St. George. It was fun. And Yummy!
We stopped in Cedar City on the way and saw his bros house and his sis and bro-in-law to be's new apt. and then headed on. When we finally got to St.George that night everyone was tired and ready to relax. We wanted to take the girls swimming but they were to tired from the long drive. So we ended up putting them to bed early and we relaxed and enjoyed the family and friends.
The next morning we got up early and went to the St.George Temple for the sealing. What a beautiful Temple. Both Manti and St. George. It was so neat. We had never been to either one, so it was very cool.
Right after the sealing they came out and got pictures. Then we all drove in a caravan on to Kanab. We had to go down through Arizona. It was fun. Clint read to me so the trip went by fast. We had a luncheon with the grooms family. Then headed on to Clear Creek Ranch to stay for the next couple of nights. Clints sis and her family run the place. It is awesome. We headed back to Kanab Saturday night for the reception. It was nice. I am so happy for them. Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We had fun. Usually my activities don't include the following, but we had no other time to do it...
It was great. I was scared I would tip over lol. But I think I did pretty good. Clint rode too. And his lil' bro. We also took the girls on a four-wheeler ride. They loved that. We toured the ranch and some places with everyone (like 10 adults and 6 children) on two Kawasaki Mules (pic below).
We had a great night. Playing games and watching movies. What a fun weekend. On the way home I drove and Clint read to me. How nice! :) We got home and kinda unpacked (more to do today!) and we watched the Prison Break 2 hour season premier, and then it was about time for bed. lol. But, we had a great time. I had better let you go. I have lots lots lots to get done today.
I will post the pics soon...Later!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday the 16

First of all I missed telling you about this cute new habit our little one has. She sees big sister doodling all of the time, so she thinks she needs to as well. She loves to carry around a pen and paper like this and draw. She also loves those magna-doodle things. Those are great! But I thought this was so cute. I had to share. Also a cute pic of her eating her dinner on Friday night. LOL. HOW CUTE!

I missed telling you about this! I can't believe I would leave it out. LOL. On Saturday the 16 we went with our friends Curtis and Alisha to the Oquirrh Water Park. IT WAS SO FUN! If you have not been there then you need to go. They have this huge bucket that fills with water and when it gets full (about every 5-10 min) it turns and dumps the water out, and it splashes all big and you can stand under it. Its great. They have slides and all sorts of fun water stuff. BN loved it. Once we got her going (which was kinda hard since it was a little chilly) we had a hard time getting her out of the water. She was even doing a good job swimming (with help). BC didn't complain once, but she was so cold she was shivering shaking the whole time. :) They are so cute. Here are some pix and video of the fun time we had.

We also got to meet Clint's little sis's fiance tonight. When we got home, his fam was waiting for us. It was a nice surprise. :) He is really nice. It was fun. They are getting married on the 30! Its so exciting. Anyways. Had to tell you.

A Fun Weekend

I want to start off with pics that I have been dying to share. They are to great to pass up...

Sisterly loves (hugs)

The girls being cheesy!

BN on her new bike

BN and BC goin for a drive

My sweet smiling angels!

OH Yeah! Look at that hair!

Well, since I talked to you last we have been very busy. Thursday we enjoyed the morning together, Clint read while I worked on websites some more. I am working on a site for my dad now. It is I don't have what I have done uploaded yet. I am redoing the site for him. I will let you know. It will be soon. I then will be working on a couple more sites for him. Similar to the cahughes site.

Yesterday Clint worked in the morning, then we went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to the ward camp out. It was great! I love to be outdoors. I wish we could have stayed over but Clint had to be back for work so we ended up leaving around 9. But we were able to stay for the dinner and raffle drawing. We also had smores. BN and I and our friends went on a mini hike up to the "big rock". BN thought that was the best. lol. I guess it was cool. The stream ran close by and it really was beautiful.

This was a great trip. The
girls loved being up there
as much as we did. I am
glad that we went. It was
nice to visit with friends.
Today was more web work for me and cleaning the house while Clint was at work. Then we went to the Stake BBQ. It was a Luau. Lot's of fun. I love to see people and visit with them. I am glad that we have that friendship with our neighbors and the people in our ward. It is hard to find and it takes time to build good relationships with people. We have lived here for just over two years now, and I have always felt loved and part of the ward. It is so nice to have that.
Unfortunately BN and BC have both shown major symptoms of Bronchitis...BOOOO...Clint has it and is SLOWLY getting over it. I think. But now, instead of church tomorrow, I believe that we will be visiting the Dr. BN keeps waking up and having a hard time sleeping. I hope I don't get it, but you KNOW I will. That's just the way it works. I would just assume be the Designated Sick Person for our family (wish it worked that way). LOL.
Well, I had better rest while I can. Sounds like I have some rough nights ahead of me if this keeps up. Wahoo!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life's Many Blessings

This week has been a learning one. We have been struggling with some hard decisions and after lots of discussion and prayer we have finally made them. At first it didn't feel right because we obivously weren't sure about the decisions. But we did feel some peace and the morning that we finally decided, good things happened. We received answers to other things, and we were able to resolve other issues. It's amazing how the Lord works. When we listen, and do what we are inspired to do, we will be blessed, even it we don't know if that is what is what we were supposed to do.
OKAY! Now that I have confused the heck out of you, I wanted to catch you up on our week. My lesson on Sunday went great (I think:). Clint was sick and so he didn't get to church. He slept all day. He is still not completely better, but getting there. We also listened to the 7th Harry Potter book "The Deathly Hallows" on CD and finished it. (I have previously read it) but Clint only had about 230 pages left, so we did that most of the day. It was nice to relax. The girls had fun playing and making messes :) What they are best at! :)
On Monday, Clint was back to work. My father also went in early in the morning for knee surgury. It went very well. He is a tough cookie though. I am glad that he is okay, and now he will have good knees. He got the other one done last winter (right around Christmas) and it has been really good. Anyways, after Clint got home we went and met his mom at the DI (Deseret Industries) to shop around. I found some great things. A few square blocks I am going to repaint and decorate cute (actually 7 of them and got them all for only $2.50) hehe. Also found more books for BN and BC. They love books. Me too. I am glad they love reading. Its funny how they pick up on the things you enjoy. Not surprising, but just a nice confirmation. It makes me very aware of how I act around my babies. I don't want them running around swearing or doing inappropriate things (not that I do either of those much) but it makes me extra careful. Back to the subject, it was just fun to go and find some fun things for a good price. I also found three new dresses for the girls. One for BN and the other two for BC. They are like new dresses that were at least 20-30$ each. HEHE. I love those deals. We also found a new light for our living room. If you have ever been to our house then you would know it as our "Redneck Light" :) Our apt. doesn't have central lighting in the living room, so we bought a very long cord that is ready to be wired to a light fixture, and then you can just plug it into the wall. Well, we had a cheaper black light that we had wired a riged to hand from the celing. But, Clint, bless him, found a beautiful square glass one. Its just like the fixture would be in say your bedroom, but we riged it so we could hang it from our living room. So for those of you who can, you will have to see it next time you come. It is so bright. We had to take one of the lamps we have in the corners and make it so we could turn it off and on without the lightswitch on. Its to bright to have on all the time.
Okay. So. After shopping on Monday, we went with Clint's mom out to look at his Grandma's house which is now unoccupied. They moved up to live with Clint's parents, so their house is just sitting there. I don't want to move for the obvious reasons, to far away (40 miles) from where we are now. Which means further for Clints to have to drive to and from work, but also a lot of miles on the car, a lot more gas money (heaven help up all). But I love it here. I love our ward, and the friends we have. It takes time to develop friendships and to know everyone. This is the longest we have ever lived in one place since we were married, and it is nice. I am finnaly comfortable. I know we would have a yard, and a little more room, but if we get into a house I want it to be a long term thing. And I don't know if thats where I want to go. The house is nice, but it needs work (it is old) and it is still VERY full of his Grandma's stuff. It's like someone is still living there. To much. anyways,
On Tuesday...what did we do...oh yeah. LOL. We spent the morning shopping (groceries) and fixing BN's new bike. It is a cute CUTE Dora toddler bike. It was given to us, but we needed to get training wheels and a new seat so we went and bought an old bike from DI that had good training wheels and a decent seat and just switched them over. $3 well spent :) She loves it. We even got her a helmet and elbow pads just in case. She does really well. It was so fun. I will post video and pics of all of this soon.
Today was nice and relaxful. We got a lot done. I finsihed up with a website I am building for my sis called Petals, Pens and Pots. You should check it out. It is fantastic. She is so talented. I have also been admiring the letters that my sis-in-law is making for our hometown fair. You should check them out here. How fun. I also have been working on a family site for my dad, there are three that I am making., and They will be great of course ;) lol
We have been watching the Olympics a lot. I am so excited for May and Walsh and their gold in Volleyball. They are so fun to watch. Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson are two of my absolute favorites. Obviously Michael Phelps is fantastic and talkented. But there are many more we love and all of them just fasinating to watch. I will be sad when it comes to an end in a few days. I am trying to convince my husband to take to the the Gynastics Tour coming this fall. Then I would get to see Nastia and Shawn. That would be so cool.
I also went to a scrapbook sale this morning. It was ok. I have been to better (here it is not hard to find) lol. But I did find some cute things. Thanks to my sis-in-law for telling me about it.
We also spent a couple of hours and washed our cars tonight. It was fun. We detailed the outside of the car. Its so shinny. The truck looks good too.
Well, I am so so tired. I hope this all makes sense. :) I will post the pics and video soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Okay, So, Ummm...

Where to start. Well, we have been so busy these last few days that I will have to condense.

On Monday, Clint took us all to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. It was so yum. And we had enough leftovers for another meal. LOL. Always like that. (means I don't have to cook later ;) The pics are a little dark, they were taken with my cell. But still cute!

On Tuesday, we took Clint to the GI (gastronomical intestinal) Dr. and they evaluated his symptoms, and decided that he needed a scope (where they stick a tube down your throat and look at your insides). Yea! So we scheduled that for Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we took Clint to the Hospital for a scope. The GI Dr. said that he has lots of problems (ulcers and such) in his throat and stomach and so he is on meds now. We are awaiting lab results so we can see if there is more damage that we think. In the meantime, he has to be really careful with his diet. And since Wednesday was also his dad's b-day, we met them at a baseball game. It was very fun. BN got to meet the mascots and take pix with them.BC had a great time on Grandmas lap.

The team we were cheering for lost, but they sure rallied in the last couple of innings.

Thursday, we had the pleasure of going to the Dentist. LOL. It wasn't too bad. Britney is getting better. She let them clean her teeth this time. No cavities for anyone!

And today, Friday, ahhhh....Me and BN and BC went to the Zoo. HeHe. It was a lot of fun. We saw them feed the Tiger. We saw the Bird Show. We watched the Elephant Program. And we even got to play in the Zoo Park.

These pics are of the girls inside a Turtle Shell in the Park. BC wasn't quite sure what to think about it. LOL. You can see the start of a pouty lip there. The girls very much enjoyed it.

Today, I have been working on my lesson for Relief Society on Sunday. It is #16. I love teaching. It is such a blessing to have that calling. I was scared to death when I first got it, but has since learned that having those scared feelings, or feelings of doubt are from Satan, and when you look past those, you realize that Heavenly Father helps us do what we need to if we let him guide us.

So, I am going to put my little one to bed, since she wanted to sleep all afternoon and is now finally tired. :) lol. I will write more often so I don't have to condense so much, then I can put more details.

Oh one more fun note-BC learned the sign for drink today. :) Yeah! She does it and then claps and smiles. HOW CUTE! I love my babies!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What A Weekend!

Well. We went up to my in-laws this weekend. It was so fun. My sister-in-law is getting married in a few weeks so I was helping my mother-in-law get as done as I could. On Saturday, we all decided it would be fun to go four-wheeling. We went up by Whitney Reservoir. It was so fun. I have only been on one or two other excursions that like, but I have rode four-wheelers for the better part of my life. We rode probably 30 miles or more. It was great up until the storm hit. About 2/3's of the way through the ride, the most grizzly storm opened up on us. It was raining so hard, it hurt when it hit your body. Plus we were way up in the mountains. Luckily we had a poncho for our oldest daughter, BN. (clint's mom kept our younger daughter, BC, shes to little). So, when the rain started, we started heading back for the truck, a good 12 miles or more away. About half way back the rain let up a little. It was very wet and muddy though. It was kinda fun actually, mud bogging back. We were only able to go about 25-30 mph. When we were almost back to the truck, there was a great big puddle covering the road, so (like all the others before it) I just decided to plow on through. This puddle was a lot deeper then the rest. LOL. When I hit the water, the splash came up more than two feet higher than my head and was huge. It pretty much brought my bike to a stop since I hit the water and it slowed me down. It was so funny. I was alone on my bike, and clint and BN were on a wheeler with his little bro. They were behind me, and laughed the whole way back. They said it looked so funny. I can only imagine. LOL. But we finally got back home, looking like wet cats. :)

The next day (Sunday) was great. as always. Later that night, Clints mom cut and highlighted my hair. :) It is so cute. She also cut clints and trimmed BN's. This is only the second time we have "cut" her hair because it hasn't grown very fast. And both times it was only because I wanted it trimmed. It was fun. We had a great time up there. We also sat in on a meeting about a new product that is coming out called Seven + (Plus). It is a drink (like Xango and all the others) but it has all seven of the fruit nutrients in it and
it is really good for you. We are debating on whiter or not to sign up to sell it. If anyone has any thing to say about that, please feel free. Hope you all are well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's About Time!

My brother, as well as several friends, have told me that I need to get one of these blog things going, so I decided "what the heck!". And here we are. It will take me a little time to get things setup and running the way I want them, but I am very excited about this. I hope I don't bore you too much. LOL. But as for now I had better get to bed. (well secretly I say I am going to bed but I will probably end up reading till all hours of the night because the new Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Dawn is SO DANG GOOD!) lol.
Talk to you later.