Monday, August 11, 2008

What A Weekend!

Well. We went up to my in-laws this weekend. It was so fun. My sister-in-law is getting married in a few weeks so I was helping my mother-in-law get as done as I could. On Saturday, we all decided it would be fun to go four-wheeling. We went up by Whitney Reservoir. It was so fun. I have only been on one or two other excursions that like, but I have rode four-wheelers for the better part of my life. We rode probably 30 miles or more. It was great up until the storm hit. About 2/3's of the way through the ride, the most grizzly storm opened up on us. It was raining so hard, it hurt when it hit your body. Plus we were way up in the mountains. Luckily we had a poncho for our oldest daughter, BN. (clint's mom kept our younger daughter, BC, shes to little). So, when the rain started, we started heading back for the truck, a good 12 miles or more away. About half way back the rain let up a little. It was very wet and muddy though. It was kinda fun actually, mud bogging back. We were only able to go about 25-30 mph. When we were almost back to the truck, there was a great big puddle covering the road, so (like all the others before it) I just decided to plow on through. This puddle was a lot deeper then the rest. LOL. When I hit the water, the splash came up more than two feet higher than my head and was huge. It pretty much brought my bike to a stop since I hit the water and it slowed me down. It was so funny. I was alone on my bike, and clint and BN were on a wheeler with his little bro. They were behind me, and laughed the whole way back. They said it looked so funny. I can only imagine. LOL. But we finally got back home, looking like wet cats. :)

The next day (Sunday) was great. as always. Later that night, Clints mom cut and highlighted my hair. :) It is so cute. She also cut clints and trimmed BN's. This is only the second time we have "cut" her hair because it hasn't grown very fast. And both times it was only because I wanted it trimmed. It was fun. We had a great time up there. We also sat in on a meeting about a new product that is coming out called Seven + (Plus). It is a drink (like Xango and all the others) but it has all seven of the fruit nutrients in it and
it is really good for you. We are debating on whiter or not to sign up to sell it. If anyone has any thing to say about that, please feel free. Hope you all are well.


Anthony & Christel said...

Hey Hey!!! Yay that you have a blog now too!! It looks great too, but that is what your degree is in right? How are you guys doing? It looks like you are having a great time, and your girls are getting so big! It's great to see you and your family...maybe we'll see you next month in GR!! Take care!

Anthony & Christel said...

Oh by the way..Becca has a blog, but you have to know her duaghters name to get into it. The address is

Smith Fam said...

Oh my fun-ness! I laughed too, thinking of you getting drenched on your bike. Good thing BN was with Clint! Wow, what a great post. Thanks for sharing!

Mr. Hughes said...

Hey Little Sis,
I love that you are blogging and I get to keep up with you this way! I am gald you had fun. Thanks for the updated signature. I will be using it soon! Besure to check for it! I miss ya,
P.S. I will help you get your feed burned with when you are here next! :)