Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's About Time!

My brother, as well as several friends, have told me that I need to get one of these blog things going, so I decided "what the heck!". And here we are. It will take me a little time to get things setup and running the way I want them, but I am very excited about this. I hope I don't bore you too much. LOL. But as for now I had better get to bed. (well secretly I say I am going to bed but I will probably end up reading till all hours of the night because the new Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Dawn is SO DANG GOOD!) lol.
Talk to you later.


Mr. Hughes said...

Nice dear! I love it! Thanks for all your amazing help- you web designer you!

Smith Fam said...

LOVE IT!!!!! Love it, love it, love it. Makes me wish I had two cute little girls instead of my boys so I could have a girly blog, too. ;) Just kidding. We're happy with our semi-masculine, gender-neutral online journal. (hahahaha)

Thanks for letting us know!!