Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We had a great day! Not only did I get a lot done, but I was able to update my blog and get it looking all holloween-ey :)
I love Halloween. That and Christmas are my favorite holidays to decorate for. :) We also got to spend the night with some family. Tell you more about it later. We have to leave early to go to the temple and so I had better get to bed! :) Night!

Friday, September 26, 2008

BC and her Whistle

I couldn't help but smile when I saw her doing this. I had to record it. And (fortunately) it is a small enough file that I can share it with all of you. :) Enjoy!!!

Grandma (my mom) and a handful of the grandkids. :) Waiting for the parade to start.

Clint and the girls at the parade.

BC and dad cleaning up on the candy!

The cousins playing in the jumper at the park.

"M" and BC swinging with Grandma.

Grandma and BC have a string cheese snack on the porch.

BN going down the 'big slide'. Wheeee!!!

BC on the trampoline with BN as her 'bouncer'. Check out that hair !!! :)lol. One for Static.

BN Panning for Gold (at the booth) with Grandpa. We even found some! :)

Dad decided he needed his turn to find some gold as well. :)

BN playing a video game. She did really good. I was impressed. :)

The weekend was so fun. We love going to melon days every year. There is so much for the kids and we get to see so many people, especially family. It was great!

Great Day!

Well this I week has been a whirlwind! I can't believe it has been a full week since Melon Days! I haven't even posted pictures. LOL. I guess that I will do that now. I got a couple of new accounts (www.mycsdesigns.com) and so I have been going crazy with those, and I am redoing my own website. And I have a few in the works for my family. So there is pleanty to keep my busy. I have got most of the new scrapbook stuff I have acquired recently to fit in to my too small space. (altough my husband doesn't feel that way...to much stuff!!! he thinks) lol. But, BN has been going to "preschool" and absolutley loves it. It is just me and a few of my friends that all have kids the same age and we get together twice a week and teach them the alphabet and other things. BN knows A B C D E F already and a few others. So is doing so well. It is so fun to see her (and be able to help her). BC is learning and growing so fast too. She recently learned "eye" and can point to it. She also knows nose, but can't say it yet. It is amazing how fast they learn and grow. SO STINKIN CUTE!!! Well. I am going to post pics now. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melon Days!

What a fun weekend! Sorry about the long delay in posting. I have been rather busy with my business (www.mycsdesigns.com) and I have been sick, and we have been gone for almost five days soooo...here we are.
We had a great time at my parents. I always love being there. The girls have a great time in her "park". We had so much fun at Melon Days too. They had all sorts of free "jump" rides, I guess, for the kids, and a free train ride. It was great. BN went off with her cousins most of the two days and just did her thing. I was having paranoia the whole time because I am not used to letting her out of my sight. Clint's parents came down as well with his little bro and sis.
The parade was fun too. :) We cleaned up on candy. There were like six little kids gathering and they were all out there plus like 5 adults, so we got lots. :) lol. Yum!
Well, I had better get to work. Have a great day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Chronicals of the Bully...

Sooo...my brother and his family came up to visit (with my mom too :) and they have a boy the same age as BN and another boy the same age as BC. lol. Anyways, needless to say BC and their boy (we will call him MH) didn't want to play nice.
We have this radio flyer car (pictured to the right) grandma and grandpa H. got for BC for her first birthday and it is the CENTER of almost every child's attention that comes to our house. Well, MH loves the car as well, and wanted to have his fair turn at sitting in it and pushing all the buttons that play music and blinkers and things. Well BC didn't go for that so much. She well...I will let the pictures explain....LOL

LOL. She wants in so she butts her way in, and he decides he doesn't want anything to do with that. So he pushes her out of the way and takes off to Grandma. LOL. It was great having my bro and his family and my mom up. I wish my dad could have came too, but he is still recovering from knee replacement surgury. It was so fun. Can't wait till this weekend. Green River....here we come!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Today we drove up north to visit some old friends and also to drive by our old house and stuff. It was fun. We got to see TWO 6-Point Bull Elks that our friend had got with his bow this year and last year. One was already mounted in a nice head mount, the other was just horns, waiting to be done. Wowowow! The picture is of the one he got this year. I should have taken a pic of the other one! dang it! Then we went over to our friends house and they have the coolest trampoline in their backyard. It is fully enclosed. So, we threw BC in with all the kids (the oldest was 5) and they all had a blast. BC and BN both loved it. How Cute! I also helped my friend Teresa setup their blog...colinteresa.blogspot.com She is 7 mos prego. How fun. They are having a little boy. (Someday we will have one of those! (a boy)) (I hope!!!)

Our old house hasn't changed much. A few things, but for the most part just like I remember it. It holds so many memories for me. That is where we lived when we had BN. And it was our first (and only thus far) house. Someday we will have another. :) I can't wait.

This past weekend was great as well. We went up to Clint's little sisters wedding reception on Saturday. It was so fun. I was the "photographer" for the night. It was just fun all around. All of Clint's brothers and sisters were there with their families and we had so much fun. We ended up spending the night (after Clint begged his boss to let him off work) and we had a great Sunday as well up there. I even got a free makeover from his sister who is starting her own Mary Kay business. She was great. I wish we could afford the product. anyways,
We had the joy of evicting one of the tenants here this past week. I am actually excited because now we can get some clean non-smokers there. :) Maybe even members. :)

Well it is very very late and OH WAIT!!!!

I forgot to tell you the very best part of my last few days!!!!!!!!!!

It is so nice....HERE. Check it out. (oh and by the way I got a killer deal) (that why I got it). lol. I am almost done transferring everything over. I can't believe I didn't do this months ago. All the suffering of an unbearably slow computer...lol...is over now!!!
Okay, I need to be done. I am starting to be weird. Have a great day!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The First Cat Fight

So, I got home from the store earlier and Clint couldn't stop laughing. Needless to say, I had to hear the story. So, since it WAS so funny, I have to share it with you...

BC (1.5 yrs old) and BN (4 yrs old) were just playing like every other day. BN had a couple of dolls, sitting on the floor, playing and doing her thing. BC, had a toy, and was walking around, saw BN, and decided that she wanted a doll... :)

She walked over to BN and handed BN her toy and then she reached out to take the doll, that BN had in her hands, with her other hand. BN said NO! and pulled the doll back, and kinda pushed BC back a little. They continued to squabble like this for at least a minute with BN yelling "LET GO!" and various other things. BC I am sure was yelling back in her "own language" (baby talk). Soon BN pushed her back pretty good to get her away, and grabbed her doll back out of BC's hands.

BC got this very "ferocious" scowl on her face and stared at BN. After a few seconds, BC walked up to BN and lifted her right hand up and popped her right across the face... LOL ...ok OK ok I know I shouldn't have or be laughing, but COME ON!!!
How funny is it that my 1.5 yr old beat up my 4 yr old. LOL. So needless to say, BN got very upset, because, if BC hit her anything like she hits me then I KNOW it hurt. After BC slapped BN she grabbed the doll and took off running the other way. BN jumped up crying and ran over to her dad for comfort. LOL.

Had to share this story. It was so great! It made my whole day. Hope it makes you smile at the least :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fun "Chinese" Night

I forgot to add that we had a fun family night. We went out to eat at this new Chinese Retaurant down the street, and then we went to Kung Fu Panda. It was so fun. The girls loved it. You have to see that movie if you haven't. Its great!

Can Cats Drool?

LOL. It is so funny. I was brushing our cat, and when I finished, I was petting him to make sure I got all the "lumps" of fur and when I was petting his chest, and front legs (he was sitting on me with his front legs curled up by his head) and he was WET. I definantley think it was drool. LOL. Just a little wet right under where his mouth had been when I was brushing him. HEHE. I thought that was great, and had to share.
Have a great Day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pictures of our wonderful weekend

Clint and BN playing Guitar

Sisterly Lovings
Our Homemade Highchair :)

The girls swinging away

The girls in front of the Manti Temple

BN by the St. George Temple

Mom and BC at the St. George Temple

The girls with the new Bride

The happy Bride and Groom

Where we stayed on Sat/Sun Nights :)

BN and her cousin having a great time

Four wheeling with their Aunt and the dog

Mom and BC out for a ride

Clint cruisin' around the ranch

This weekend was so much fun. I am so glad
that we were able to go. We can't wait to hit
the road again in a couple weeks to head out
to my parents for Melon Days. How fun. :)

BC ridin the horse :)