Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Today we drove up north to visit some old friends and also to drive by our old house and stuff. It was fun. We got to see TWO 6-Point Bull Elks that our friend had got with his bow this year and last year. One was already mounted in a nice head mount, the other was just horns, waiting to be done. Wowowow! The picture is of the one he got this year. I should have taken a pic of the other one! dang it! Then we went over to our friends house and they have the coolest trampoline in their backyard. It is fully enclosed. So, we threw BC in with all the kids (the oldest was 5) and they all had a blast. BC and BN both loved it. How Cute! I also helped my friend Teresa setup their She is 7 mos prego. How fun. They are having a little boy. (Someday we will have one of those! (a boy)) (I hope!!!)

Our old house hasn't changed much. A few things, but for the most part just like I remember it. It holds so many memories for me. That is where we lived when we had BN. And it was our first (and only thus far) house. Someday we will have another. :) I can't wait.

This past weekend was great as well. We went up to Clint's little sisters wedding reception on Saturday. It was so fun. I was the "photographer" for the night. It was just fun all around. All of Clint's brothers and sisters were there with their families and we had so much fun. We ended up spending the night (after Clint begged his boss to let him off work) and we had a great Sunday as well up there. I even got a free makeover from his sister who is starting her own Mary Kay business. She was great. I wish we could afford the product. anyways,
We had the joy of evicting one of the tenants here this past week. I am actually excited because now we can get some clean non-smokers there. :) Maybe even members. :)

Well it is very very late and OH WAIT!!!!

I forgot to tell you the very best part of my last few days!!!!!!!!!!

It is so nice....HERE. Check it out. (oh and by the way I got a killer deal) (that why I got it). lol. I am almost done transferring everything over. I can't believe I didn't do this months ago. All the suffering of an unbearably slow over now!!!
Okay, I need to be done. I am starting to be weird. Have a great day!


Mr. Hughes said...

That's because you ARE weird! :-p
:) (Love ya sis!)

Smith Fam said...

Yay for new computers! Yay!