Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Chronicals of the Bully... brother and his family came up to visit (with my mom too :) and they have a boy the same age as BN and another boy the same age as BC. lol. Anyways, needless to say BC and their boy (we will call him MH) didn't want to play nice.
We have this radio flyer car (pictured to the right) grandma and grandpa H. got for BC for her first birthday and it is the CENTER of almost every child's attention that comes to our house. Well, MH loves the car as well, and wanted to have his fair turn at sitting in it and pushing all the buttons that play music and blinkers and things. Well BC didn't go for that so much. She well...I will let the pictures explain....LOL

LOL. She wants in so she butts her way in, and he decides he doesn't want anything to do with that. So he pushes her out of the way and takes off to Grandma. LOL. It was great having my bro and his family and my mom up. I wish my dad could have came too, but he is still recovering from knee replacement surgury. It was so fun. Can't wait till this weekend. Green we come!

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