Sunday, August 31, 2008


I have had the most wonderful weekend or well week too...
It started with Wednesday we left to go to my sisters in Orangeville. We had so much fun. While we were there we also got to help my niece, who was running for vice prez of the 7th grade, make a short 50 second video that she showed in place of her "why you should vote for me" speech. It was so good. We have a great time making the movie. AND SHE WON!!! :) Yeah.
We had to leave on Friday morning at the crack of dawn to head on over to Manti where Clints little sis was going through the Temple for the first time. It was so neat.
Clints parents, Us, and FOUR of his siblings and their spouses or fiances were with us. Only two of his siblings weren't there (they were babysitting :) because they are only 16 & 14 years old. But what a blessing it is to be able to have all of your family there. The spirit was so wonderful in the Temple. It has been a long time since we have been able to go and it was so nice. We need to really make an effort to go once a month.
Anyways, after going through the Temple in Manti, we got everyone together and headed to a small town and had a picnic in the way to St. George. It was fun. And Yummy!
We stopped in Cedar City on the way and saw his bros house and his sis and bro-in-law to be's new apt. and then headed on. When we finally got to St.George that night everyone was tired and ready to relax. We wanted to take the girls swimming but they were to tired from the long drive. So we ended up putting them to bed early and we relaxed and enjoyed the family and friends.
The next morning we got up early and went to the St.George Temple for the sealing. What a beautiful Temple. Both Manti and St. George. It was so neat. We had never been to either one, so it was very cool.
Right after the sealing they came out and got pictures. Then we all drove in a caravan on to Kanab. We had to go down through Arizona. It was fun. Clint read to me so the trip went by fast. We had a luncheon with the grooms family. Then headed on to Clear Creek Ranch to stay for the next couple of nights. Clints sis and her family run the place. It is awesome. We headed back to Kanab Saturday night for the reception. It was nice. I am so happy for them. Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We had fun. Usually my activities don't include the following, but we had no other time to do it...
It was great. I was scared I would tip over lol. But I think I did pretty good. Clint rode too. And his lil' bro. We also took the girls on a four-wheeler ride. They loved that. We toured the ranch and some places with everyone (like 10 adults and 6 children) on two Kawasaki Mules (pic below).
We had a great night. Playing games and watching movies. What a fun weekend. On the way home I drove and Clint read to me. How nice! :) We got home and kinda unpacked (more to do today!) and we watched the Prison Break 2 hour season premier, and then it was about time for bed. lol. But, we had a great time. I had better let you go. I have lots lots lots to get done today.
I will post the pics soon...Later!

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