Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Fun Weekend

I want to start off with pics that I have been dying to share. They are to great to pass up...

Sisterly loves (hugs)

The girls being cheesy!

BN on her new bike

BN and BC goin for a drive

My sweet smiling angels!

OH Yeah! Look at that hair!

Well, since I talked to you last we have been very busy. Thursday we enjoyed the morning together, Clint read while I worked on websites some more. I am working on a site for my dad now. It is I don't have what I have done uploaded yet. I am redoing the site for him. I will let you know. It will be soon. I then will be working on a couple more sites for him. Similar to the cahughes site.

Yesterday Clint worked in the morning, then we went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to the ward camp out. It was great! I love to be outdoors. I wish we could have stayed over but Clint had to be back for work so we ended up leaving around 9. But we were able to stay for the dinner and raffle drawing. We also had smores. BN and I and our friends went on a mini hike up to the "big rock". BN thought that was the best. lol. I guess it was cool. The stream ran close by and it really was beautiful.

This was a great trip. The
girls loved being up there
as much as we did. I am
glad that we went. It was
nice to visit with friends.
Today was more web work for me and cleaning the house while Clint was at work. Then we went to the Stake BBQ. It was a Luau. Lot's of fun. I love to see people and visit with them. I am glad that we have that friendship with our neighbors and the people in our ward. It is hard to find and it takes time to build good relationships with people. We have lived here for just over two years now, and I have always felt loved and part of the ward. It is so nice to have that.
Unfortunately BN and BC have both shown major symptoms of Bronchitis...BOOOO...Clint has it and is SLOWLY getting over it. I think. But now, instead of church tomorrow, I believe that we will be visiting the Dr. BN keeps waking up and having a hard time sleeping. I hope I don't get it, but you KNOW I will. That's just the way it works. I would just assume be the Designated Sick Person for our family (wish it worked that way). LOL.
Well, I had better rest while I can. Sounds like I have some rough nights ahead of me if this keeps up. Wahoo!


Anthony & Christel said...

You should design a website for me!! How much do you charge. I would love a website for my towels. I have one now, well it's just on blogspot.

Mr. Hughes said...

Hey Sweetie,
I hope that you DON'T GET SICK! lol
I have really enjoyed keeping up with your life. Glad you got the answers you needed for your prayers!