Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday the 16

First of all I missed telling you about this cute new habit our little one has. She sees big sister doodling all of the time, so she thinks she needs to as well. She loves to carry around a pen and paper like this and draw. She also loves those magna-doodle things. Those are great! But I thought this was so cute. I had to share. Also a cute pic of her eating her dinner on Friday night. LOL. HOW CUTE!

I missed telling you about this! I can't believe I would leave it out. LOL. On Saturday the 16 we went with our friends Curtis and Alisha to the Oquirrh Water Park. IT WAS SO FUN! If you have not been there then you need to go. They have this huge bucket that fills with water and when it gets full (about every 5-10 min) it turns and dumps the water out, and it splashes all big and you can stand under it. Its great. They have slides and all sorts of fun water stuff. BN loved it. Once we got her going (which was kinda hard since it was a little chilly) we had a hard time getting her out of the water. She was even doing a good job swimming (with help). BC didn't complain once, but she was so cold she was shivering shaking the whole time. :) They are so cute. Here are some pix and video of the fun time we had.

We also got to meet Clint's little sis's fiance tonight. When we got home, his fam was waiting for us. It was a nice surprise. :) He is really nice. It was fun. They are getting married on the 30! Its so exciting. Anyways. Had to tell you.

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The Cotell Family said...

Hi Cora!!! Do you remember me??? I'm Christel's sister.
You have a very cute family! Your little girls look so much like you, they are so cute! Have a great day! Love Andrea