Monday, December 22, 2008

Over the Snow and Through the Canyon...

Monday - December 22, 2008

Yesterday at church was wonderful. It was the Christmas program. What a wonderful spirit there was there. I love church. It always brings me back to my true purpose of being here on earth. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I need to get my goals in order and re-arrange my priorities.

Today - Monday - I have been up since early and been going crazy because we left to go to my parents house for Christmas. I spent all morning cleaning and packing. So when Clint got off work we were all but ready to jump in the car and cruz down south. I was frustrated cause I couldn't find a case full of dvds that we take with us when we travel. I Can't wait to get back home so I can tear the house apart looking. LOL.

The drive was only supposed to take three hours...3 HOURS!!!...but it took us almost 6!!!! BLAH!!!!The canyon (about 50 miles long) took almost 3 hours. Then it took another 1.5 to go 55 miles. It was just crazy. Even thouhgh the drive was so long, I just feel grateful that we made it safe.

It is so good to be here at my parents. I haven't been here for Christmas since before I was married (actually the Christmas right before we were married so in 2002). LOL. 6 years. My mom has been baking like a mad women all day (putting my dad to slave labor where needed) lol. There was homemade apple strudel (secret family recipe that is to die for). Homemade bread, toffee, and a few other yum treats. How fun. It is late so we are just relaxing. And enjoying being here. I love there lights. They have such a beautiful display of the manger scene. Plus a lot of animated deer and moose. There newest addition this year (which I am sure several people in town will try to find for their yards next year) is singing trees! :) They are great. They play music and the lights change with the music (like the Bellagio Water Show in Las Vegas). They also have the cutest John Deer tractor with a Santa on it (the inflatable kind).

I love there tree. It is all decorated pretty and it has little John Deer ornaments all over it. It looks beautiful. Anyways. I had better get some sleep.


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