Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wedding, Reception, and Wow

Friday December 13, 2008

Today we got up early (very early) and got everyone showered (which was kinda hard since there were like 14 people that needed to shower). Anyways, then we took off to head to the wedding of Cecil (clints little bro) and Shannon. We were starting at a church were his parents had a breakfast meal catered. It was SOO great! Then we all got to stand up and tell memories of Cecil and Shannon...for some reason my mind goes blank when I am put on the spot and spaced my really good story so I just got up and babbled for a minute then handed the mic off to someone else, feeling embarrassed. LOL. oh well. After that we all headed to the Temple for the sealing. They were both previously endowed from missions so we didn't need to do a session. After the sealing (which was beautiful and we all bawled through)...I had to hi tail it outside to get ready to take pictures. LOTS of pictures. It was so fun. I love taking pictures. They were glowing. So obvious that they were newlyweds and so in love. I love that look. I love that me and my husband still look at each other that way. (aside from the occasional cat fight) lol.

After 3.5 hours in the freezing weather (YES IT WAS SNOWING) of taking pictures my most patient husband who had been waiting for me in the truck with not just our two girls but also one of his nieces picked me up and we headed back up to my in-laws to get ready for the reception.

YES! long day.

And since he almost fell asleep we switched and I drove (but to be honest i don't remember much of the drive cause I was tired too) but we made it safe. We rushed to the house to change the girls than ran down to the church to get ready to take more pictures for the reception. It was a lot of fun. It was so beautiful.

I really enjoyed it.

I will post some of the pictures soon.


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