Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fun Day of...well...just about everything :)

Tuesday - December 23, 2008

Today has been great.

This morning we got all the kids bundled up (even a large garbage bag over their legs to keep them warm and dry) and my dad pulled them around on a sled behind their polaris ranger. BN loved it. Here is a cute picture of her:

BN Sledding
BN Sledding

BC hasn't been feeling well, and is breathing raspy so we took into the local Clinic here. The Dr there said that she had an pneumonia. BOOO!!! so they put her on zythromax. I hope that it works well. She needs to feel better.

My sister Suzette and her family came over and both of my brothers came up (they both live in town) (my other sister Paula couldn't come because of the weather.) We had a family get together. It was so fun. We had a big BBQ and played games. The kids ran around like crazy and had fun. Then since Santa couldn't make it (mostly because we forgot our suit:) lol...we had all the kids take turns sitting on Grandpa "Santa's" Knee. They loved that.

After everything was said and done and families had gone on their ways, we got the girls to bed and left grandma and grandpa to have 5 minutes of peace and quiet. :)

We went down to my brothers house and we and him and his wife Allisha all played games for like 4-5 hours. It was SOOOO FUN!!!. I love game nights...esp with people I love! :)

Well. Off to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day..well a long night! :)


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