Saturday, December 6, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday December 6, 2008

I skipped a couple of days cause I don't remember if there was a whole lot that happened. I honestly have my planner out and I am just writing things that I had recorded in there so bear with me. :)BC, BN, SANTA

Anyways, this morning we got up early and went down the the Columbus Center to have Breakfast with Santa! It was so fun!!!


We went straight into large area where they had crafts and live entertainment, and then on the stage they had Santa set up in front of a large tree. We waited in line first to see Santa and then we went and gathered the stuff to make the crafts at home. Lastly we went out and paid a small fee to have a great big plate of yummy breakfast. Me and the girls were the only ones there so we just shared it and it was actually perfect. The girls loved seeing Santa.

BC wasn't all that excited actually and she got scared and started crying. But BN loved it though. Afterward they got candy canes and got to pick a present from his bag. That is definitely something that we will do every year from now on. It was awesome.
Coralie and Girls
Mom and Girls eating breakfast with Santa (not pictured) lol.

After we went to the Breakfast with Santa, we went to the library and saw a Christmas Puppet show. It was funny, the lady that does the show is named Cora and so when we said her name, BN got all excited and pointed to me and wanted to know if it was me...LOL. That was very cleaver of her I think. Anyways, we enjoyed the show and then we got some books and movies and went home. What a wonderful morning!

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