Monday, November 10, 2008


Ok. So its only been four days since my last post (which wasn't all that informative). LOL. I haven't even got my pictures from Halloween up yet. So first things first. Thursday and Friday we didn't really do much. I got a new web design account on thursday and so I have been working on that. I have also been working on my sisters site Petals, Pens and Pots. There is so much cute stuff on there. Lots of headbands and bows and dress up stuff. You will love it.

I also got tagged by Robyn so here goes:

Eight Shows I like to Watch:
1. King of Queens
2. Everybody Loves Raymond
3. Prison Break
4. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
5. Friends
6. The Price is Right
7. According to Jim
8. House

Eight Restaurants I like to eat at:
(not is any order)
1. Olive Garden
2. Sizzler
3. Teriyaki Stix
4. Pizza Hut
5. Taco Bell
6. Golden Corral
7. T.G.I. Fridays
8. Applebeas

Eight things that I've Done today:
1. My daughter woke me up at 2 this morning (throwing up) yeah! ewww
2. I woke up at 6 (after I got her to bed at 5) sick myself! boooo!
3. got girls breakfast
4. got on the computer for a bit
5. decided I was to tired and put a movie on while I napped (they sat on me most of the time)
6. changed diapers
7. went on a drive with clint and the girls
8. watched a movie then read stories with the girls

Eight Things I am looking forward to:
2. Getting our new family pictures printed
3. Thanksgiving (at my parents, this will be clint's first time) lol
4. Clint getting his raise at work
5. The Twilight Movie (YAHOO!!!) we are going opening night! already have the tickets! (thanks nicole:)
6. My business growing so I can have more accounts
7. Be financially stable (not living paycheck to paycheck)
8. Having more babies :)

Eight Things on my wish list:
1. To move into a house (i will miss my ward so sosoooooo so much :(
2. My business to grow
3. To get a bigger car (like a van or suv)
4. To write a book
5. For my children to grow up to be righteous, honorable, kind people (its already to late for me;) lol
6. To get an Elliptical Machine so I can fit into all my "pre baby" clothes
7. To live comfortably, not having to worry about money
8. To get caught up on my scrapbooking :(    doesn't look good....

Eight people to tag:
1. Alisa S.
2. Christel F.
3. John H.
4. Suzette R. (send email)
5. Teresa A.
6. Paula M. (send email)
7. Ann D.
8. Mom :) (send email)

I have missed posting a lot so I am going to try and catch up. Stayed tuned :)

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Adrianne Bentley said...

So do you design web site too? My husband does that too. I that your "Business" you are talking about?