Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

HUH! So I guess I never finished my story about Black Friday. I left off where me and my Sis-In-Law stayed up till oh 3:15 am watching movies, then we woke my brother up and headed out to Wal-Mart. (I gave my hubby and girls kisses before we left). Clint had to work at 5 am, so his little sis came down (rode with his other sister who was going shopping too) and they dropped her off at our house. She watched our two girls, and my brothers four kids. It wasn't too bad I guess until they all woke up EARLY! at like 7 am. BUT she is AMAZING and did just fine. (thanks jess). ok. So anyways, we got to walmart fairly early (right before 4 am) and to my GREAT surprise, there wasn't only 25 people there. We even got a great parking spot. We did go to a smaller walmart that is out of the way and not well known. But we were able to pick out a lot of things and have them in our cart before it was even five o' clock when the sale was supposed to start. That was way nice, so we got to spend our time standing in line for things that we HAD to stand in line for and not worry if we were going to get anything else. I was waiting for two digital cameras and the memory cards. My bro and his wife were waiting for mp3 players and a couple of other things. I had the perfect spot, and as time got closer they took the cardboard off the box and I realized that they only had camera's on ONE SIDE!!! and it WASN'T the side i was on!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!. Ok, so there was a guy next to me who needed two as well, and memory cards too. So I grabbed six cards for him, and got what I needed, then I bribed him with his cards for the two cameras. LOL. There was a lady next to me telling him that she needed them more and than I did and not to give them to me...BLAH! I just laughed, and that made her more mad. lol. So this guy wedge himself in between the crates of memory cards and the cameras, and when some silly little boy yelled "its time!!" (HOLY COW) it was absolutely insane. This guy had already placed his hands over four of them (two in each hand) and thank heavens he had a good grip. When people started RUSHING the camera cart he got pushed backwards cameras and all and got knocked into the memory card crate. He about fell on his head. But he got the cameras so we switched (cards for the cameras) and we both ran to get out of the way. It was crazy. I got everything we wanted that morning. It was nice. John and Allisha treated me to breakfast in the middle of our busy morning of shopping. That was fun. we had a great time. Well. On to more posting.

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