Monday, November 17, 2008


We have been so busy. I love it, but its tiring. :) Last Tuesday we took a day trip up to my in-laws and spent time just visiting. It was so fun. We watched the new Indiana Jones with them. They had never seen it. Clint got really sick about half way through it (he finally got the bug that was going around our house) and threw-up through the rest of the movie. (BLAH!) I felt so bad. :( It was only bad for about four hours, then he felt fine. or er well better anyways. Wednesday we didn't do much. Stayed home most of the day, then went out shopping that night. We went to the DI and then went on over to America's Best to get Clint's glasses fixed. We got BN a new scooter at the DI. She loves it. Rides it all over our Apt. So cute. Even is giving BC rides now. LOL.
Thursday we went to the Temple. :) It was so nice. We haven't been to that Temple since we were sealed. We got to go through a session. Clint's mom came down and babysat for us so we could go. How nice! :) She also got some shopping out of the way (lol, even with the girls with her). She had to come down early so she could hem Clint's pants. (i really need to take some classes or something. I only know the basics.)
So that was a wonderful great day. We got back from the temple and BN had her last dance class. So we ran over to the school. It was so fun to watch her. She has improved so much just these last few weeks. I love watcheing our children as they learn and grow. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :)
Friday we were supposed to go to pre-school but I (for reasons not to be mentioned) didn't wake up in time and so we missed the school part, and then they went to Discovery Gateway for our monthly field trip and yeah, we didn't go. I am so bummed. We really wanted to be there. But my sister came up and we were getting ready for her. I still had errands to run and other things so it just didn't work out.
Saturday morning, BN had a Primary Holiday Activity :) It was so fun. She talked about it all day. I love our ward!!!! Then we came home and We had a Petals Princess Party at my house. It was for my sisters business. She sells headbands, hair stuff, dressup stuff, flower pens, etc... We had a great time. It was fun to visit with all the ladies that came. :) Unfortunately my sister had to leave early (right after the party) cause they had to get home. Her hubby had to work at 12 am that night/morning. It was so great to see her ... it has been a long time since they were up here. I loved it. I also got to steal a copy of her catalog so I can get her site done easier now. :)
Well...thats all for now. I will right about Sunday later.
Have a great day!

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