Saturday, November 22, 2008


OK! I really liked the movie. It was a lot different...bu IT was still really good. My dear parents watched the girls for us so we could go. They also watched my niece and two of my nephews so my bro and his wife and little baby boy could ride with us. (90 min drive on way). When we got there we ate at Famous Daves. Its was great. Then we went on over to the theater. IT WAS CRAZY!!! The part (aside from the fact that there were just so many people waiting in line) is that most of the ladies there were older (30-60) YES, 60! They were acting like little girls. They would scream and well...anyways...just weird. It was so fun though. We got in and got great seats. Right in the middle of the middle. We had a hard time hearing the dialog because everyone was screaming so much. LOL Clint decided that he was sick of it so about 15 min into the movie, Bella came back on the screen and he YELLED "YEA BELLA. WHOO!" SUPER was so funny. It scared the crap out of everyone sitting around us (INCLUDING ME) cause it was all of a sudden and very loud. Everyone busted up laughing in the theater. John (my bro) was like "why didn't you tell me so I could yell too?" lol. There weren't as many problems after that. I really liked the movie though. Even though it was done a lot different than anything I imagined it still was a great movie. I can't wait to watch it again so I can actually hear it.

After the movie we went to Cold Stone and my brother (thanks!) and his wife treated us to ice cream. YUM!!! It was so good.

Then we went to Wal-Mart for a bit and then headed home (after spending only $19 on gas to fill up our tank). It only took us about and hour and twenty minutes to get home. Not to bad considering that its supposed to be 100 miles. We got home at 1:30 in the morning, and after a little bit of calming down got all the kids back to sleep. Clint decided to stay up until 4 this morning watching "the Postman". LOL. I only lasted until 2:30. So he kicked me to bed and took over my place on the couch.

TODAY...the 22...has been a good day. We are just relaxing, get little things ready for tomorrow. (we are having my family thanksgiving tomorrow) :) It will be so fun.

Well...I will tell you more later. :)

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Adrianne Bentley said...

That is so funny what youe husband did, but it sounds like something that Heidi mechams husband would do. Where did you go see it at? why was it 100 mile away? We get to go see it on Saturday can't wait!!
See ya.