Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Week of LONG! but FUN!

This week has been crazy.

Saturday (22) was just a lazy day. It was fun. That night, my dad and I stayed up until almost 4 in the morning talking. It was awesome. I wish I could have recorded it all. I love hearing and learning about my parents/family.

Sunday was Thanksgiving with my Family down in GR. It was so fun. We haven't all been together for a while. I enjoyed seeing everyone. That lasted most of the day. We visited and relaxed.

Then on Monday morning (24) my dad took Clint and I on a "tour". He went and showed us the old mine that he used to work in. It was so neat! I loved hearing about it. Then we went on a drive out on the East Side of town and saw some new farms that are going in. Then we went out on Goose Point. It overlooked the river and the valley. It was so beautiful. We saw a buck and a couple of does and fawns down on a little island in the middle of the river. It was awesome.

Unfortunately we had to leave to come back home that day as well.

On Tuesday (25) took the girls to their well child visits. BC had an ear infection. :( so the dr. put her on amoxicillin. She is feeling a lot better already. Later that day we went and met with the Jr. Jazz director...we were chosen to coach BN's jr jazz team!!! :) yea!!!

Wednesday was very uneventful until that evening when Clint's little bro stopped by with his fiance and they hung out for a while. It was so great to see them.

Thursday! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Didn't do much...tore through all the black friday ads and got my long list trimmed and perfected :) My bro and his wife and kids came up that evening. It was so fun. We watched a movie then most everyone crashed...(including my bro in our kids next, laying next to his daughter so she would fall asleep) lol. Me and his wife stayed up watching movies (10,000 BC and The Notebook) and talking until 3 am then we decided we had better get ready to head out into Black Friday Madness!!!!

Keep posted...i will tell you about it later... I am off to bed...



teresa anderson said...

hey girl! me and miesha just checked out your new blogs. She and burke came to see the baby yesterday and we went to see madagasgar. Then came back tonight to get their hair done. that is so funny that clint yelled that in the theater! lol he should have told your bro that would have made it even better.! we loved the movie too! im really glad i waited a week to see it so it wasnt so crowded. your new family pics are so cute! hope to se you soon!

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