Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ready, Aim, "Click"

Saturday was such a fun day...I will start off with BC most amazing advances :)

She can say "Grandma, Grandpa, NO, hungry, drink, yes, yes cheese, I love you, thank you, and a couple of others" She has also started climbing up and down the stairs without much problem. How fun. How fast they learn when they are around 5 other kids that are about their age.

Also yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day taking pictures. I took engagement pictures for my bro-in-law and his fiance. And I took them for Clint's Aunt and Uncle and their family. It was SOOOO fun! I love taking pictures. I will make a page for Photography and post them soon. They turned out great. Then last night we all stayed up until (well i don't know exactly what the time was because of the change) but it was pretty darn late. I am thinking 3ish, but I don't know is that is before or after the change. We all laughed and laughed and laughed and talked so much. It was great. It would be fun to make an Memories Page too, and add stories and memories.

Well, its time for breakfast.

Have a great Sunday!


Mr. Hughes said...

Sounds like you had a great time! We sure missed you here. Loves to you and your fam.

ADespain said...

Thanks for the comment!!! I love your site! You guys have the cutest little family. I am glad to have more online friends! Hooray!

Adrianne Bentley said...

I didn't know you are a photographer. That is really cool.

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