Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This turned out to be a fantastic day! :)
I went to the Making Memories Sale and had way to much fun spending way to much money :) Then I had the fun of sitting at the DMV for an hour so I could renew my license. LOL. It wasn't to bad actually. Then I came home to find that Clint had gone shopping while I was away. He had the pile of presents that he bought for my birthday all wrapped (in Christmas's all we have). How CUTE! And a box came today with a couple of computer things I had ordered. So he added that to the pile as well. :) After lunch, I was getting anxious (as my birthday isn't really until tomorrow :) and I wanted to open my presents right away. (no big surprise). SO Clint got a brownie and put a candle in it and him and both (BOTH) girls sang...mostly...Happy Birthday :) It was so tender.
I got:

-A new carpet sweeper (much needed with a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old.)
-An 8 gb flash drive
-A new dvd burner for my new computer (this gives me two drives)
-The Host (novel by Stephanie Meyer)
-A bunch of Making memories stuff from the sale I went to this morning (hehe)
-New set of metal tongs for the kitchen
-A new set of combs (lol) (inside joke)
and . . . . . . . .
-A Bluetooth Headset !!!!!! :) hehe. Isn't it pretty? :) Ahhh....

Clint's parents got me a pair of beautiful silver and turquoise earrings :) And they donated to my "new shoes" fund :)

My parents took me to the LDS Distribution Center and bought me a new Temple Dress for my birthday. :) It is so pretty. We have doing very well about going to the temple the last couple months. We went on Tuesday to the Jordan River Temple and did sealings. It was beautiful. You could almost hear the saints rejoicing as they were sealed together for Time and All Eternity :) You could definitely feel the spirit. I have been on a great spiritual high this week. Especially after the General Relief Society Meeting on Saturday. I had the pleasure of going with my mother. They drove for more than a few hours to be here with me. It was a blessing.

Well, we are about ready to watch Prison Break...on the computer...since we were visiting family on Monday and didn't get to see it. That was a lot of fun too :) And we got to go watch Clint's little sister play in a volleyball game against RHSM on Tuesday. They beat them in all three games :) It was so fun to watch. Brought back a lot of fun memories from my High School sports days. LOL.

Okay...Okay...I'm done!

Have a great day!


Anthony and Christel said...

Happy Birthday!! Man, you are so spoiled...I'm totally jealous!! :)

one sleepy mommy said...


Anthony and Christel said...

Hey, check out It will tell you how to do a signature of your own, and make it exactly how you want it. Click on "Blog Secrets". It's so easy!

Mr. Hughes said...

Happy B-Day, Sis! Sure do love you!
Really like the blog!

We Fell In Love... said...

hey girl im so glad i got the chance to see you on your birthday even! I hope you had a great day! im so proud of you for getting to the temple!your haloween page is totally awsome!

Anthony and Christel said...

I noticed the signature...cute!

Coralie said...

Thanks :)