Monday, October 20, 2008

RS Lesson and Family

Today I was able to teach :) It has been a while it seems. I teach Relief Society (third Sunday) and it is such a wonderful experience. I truly love it. The lesson went good I think. I had a lot of class participation.
After church we came home and I tried out a new Chicken Pot Pie recipe (YUM!) It turned out great. Then my brother and his family got here. They stayed at our house on their way up to Idaho. My sis-in-law's grandmother passed away and they were on the way to her funeral. We had a great night. Me and my brother stayed up till 3:30 and Lish made it to 3:00 :) It was so fun. Then we got up the next morning and went to the DI (there were actually tons of people standing in lines waiting to get in) LOL. Found some good stuff there. Then we went to walmart. After we were done shopping, we came back and had lunch, then John and his family were getting ready to leave and their van wouldn't start. We found out that his battery was dead (after a trip to checkers) Clint and John and I undid the old battery while Allisha watched all the kids. Clint and John went and bought a new battery and we got it put back together pretty fast. The car worked great. We went and had it tested one more time to make sure everything was powering right. It worked good. They went on their way. We went to BN's tumbling class. It was fun. Then we came home and relaxed and watched Prison Break. I also got BN's b-day invites out. :) go me...two days before the party! at least all the moms already knew :)
Well, I am so so tired. Have a great day!

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